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курсы тестировщиков киев

Main focus is to have an overview of common issues during system integration testing and give some tips how to avoid it. I would like to present one of the approaches to system integration testing based on example of banking project, describe peculiarities and what should be taken into consideration when planning and performing system integration testing.

SeleniumCamp, SQADays, QA Conference, EPAM IT Week, QA Club Kharkiv speaker. Mark is a technical tester, testing coach and international speaker. He is an expert in technical testing and test automation and is a passionate advocate of risk-based automation which he regularly blogs about at Mark is co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic in London.

Our online communications with family, friends & business are increasing both in volume and number of applications we use. While a majority still don’t know 2-factor authentication or end-to-end encryption, more and more people are using secure messengers like Signal, Whatsapp and Wire.

When we had to start testing Accessibility (aka Compliance) on the project, we could not find necessary expertise and had to learn everything by ourselves. Your managers may already told you now is the time to undertake management of the team as you understand a product and you work with team members few years.

The talk is about the way how we overcame some of the challenges in Mobile software development and quality – testing on right level, risk-based testing, mobile test automation and QE processes. Quality Leader with 14 years of experience – from testing educational apps to driving strategies for enterprise solutions, from setting up test automation frameworks from scratch to leading teams of talented Quality Engineers. My presentation will be interesting to QA engineers who does or wants to try such type of testing, as well as managers on the project who wants always to improve their software and do not stand still. Leading training courses for junior and middle QA specialists. I always try to be interested in new technologies, to develop my skills and moving forward.

Projects unfold over time in ways that are often not predictable. From your own experience it might not come as a surprise that most of today’s testing is unhelpful, filled with unnecessary paper work and folkloric activities. For some reason testing work often does not seem to be very helpful in projects. If you are a tester, your manager might ask you for metrics that don’t make sense to you.

The report will be discussing the test framework GEB for testing WEB applications and Mobile. The report will be useful for those who want to know how fast to write tests in the programming language Groovy, and not think about framework, PageObject and initializing the WebDriver. I will show a method that allows you to think about testing the app and not on the structure of the code.

How you could build testing based on risks, support your testing and move forward with new risks in your product. These are two the most popular questions for QA nowadays in rapidly changing software world. Risk-based testing is one of the ways to concentrate on what is really matter in testing. It is more about questioning the software, improving the software and building it in the way it is valuable and confident. Almost 7 years of my life have been dedicated to IT; I have gone the way with different positions starting with Travel Manger, Process Business Analyst to Lead Software Test Engineer and Trainer.

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A Ruby Programming Course Training Video. Learn Real-world Programming Techniques At Your Own Pace.

This talk could be useful for performance testing practitioneers and integrators. Talk will give you an overview of Taurus framework by Blazemeter company – instrument which hides the complexity of performance tests with an automation-friendly convenience wrapper. Igor has started his career as Software Testing Engineer about 8 years ago and has been focusing on Automation and Performance Testing for the last 5 years. This lecture is intended to review creating a Jenkins Pipeline with Docker Pipeline Plugin and making Docker image for running WebUI Automated tests by the example of py.test-based testing framework. Lecture is also supposed to introduce some extended features like storing test run screencast as a build artifact.

System integration testing is important and required phase in large and complex projects, however it is usually poorly understood and often poorly managed test phase. Senior Test Engineer, Itera, Slovakia Has 6+ years experience in testing of web applications, including server side testing, performance and UI testing. For 2 years was responsible for quality in Service Operations department that influenced my interests and vision of product quality. Specializing on building WEB automated tests (Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript).

курсы тестировщиков киев

  • Shared experience in testing the 4 and a half years, during this time i worked on 4 projects.
  • The speaker will suggest an approach to analyzing the results of stress testing, which will save time.
  • Currently I am working in the company 3 years, on the project
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Finalist, winner and judge at Ukrainian Dev Challenge (QA), speaker at different confrerences. Now mostly focusing on JavaScript as a language for automated testing. In my speech I am planning to cover what End-to-End testing means for cross integration team, main issues and problems, risks and impediments which may occur while test process organization in current team. Based on the real example of the project, I will give to you practical recommendations how to improve testing process.

This talk will give you a quick overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that goes into law in Europe starting May 25, 2018. Additionally the talk will primarily focus on the parts that are especially important for people working with testing & quality курсы тестировщиков киев assurance. Organisations outside EU will also be heavily affected by this, as european organisations will require “GDPR compliance” from service providers, no matter their location. Head of performance testing unit at testing center of Excellence (TCoE) at Ciklum .

Claudiu worked in different companies, in in-house projects, as outsourced, within proof of concept projects, with different technologies and different business areas. Since 2012 Claudiu got involved in local testing community and started to work on his own on testing related projects. Main specialization – functional testing automation and performance testing. Has solid experience in test process engineering from scratch.

Does A/b Testing Work?

I can not participate now in discussion – there is no free time. But I will be released – I will necessarily write that I think on this question. Soccer fans are more than willing to spend on their favorite sport.

And since you are a smart person, you have probably once in a while gamed the system. This session brings you insight into Complexity Thinking with Dave Snowden’s Cynefin model and ties that to your job as a software tester. It offers you a way to look at software testing from a complexity thinking standpoint of view and gives you tools to argue your case if you are exposed to dysfunctional project settings. In addition to that, we will have some fun with idiotic metrics and to lighten up the serious topic we’ll engage in hilariously entertaining real life examples of bad metrics. To round it up, we’ll propose more meaningful alternatives.

I will tell about tools and libraries that help to evaluate quality of test cases in Python world. We will investigate how and Hypothesis libraries work, in what cases they is useless and why. We will get familiar with mutation testing, how we can apply it in real-life projects and how it helps to evaluate quality of test cases.

In the talk I will present internal code and structure of Python libraries and objects, and a lot of real курсы тестировщиков киев code examples. Bugs could be much different, but what if some of those are difficult to reproduce?

We`ll talk about how to effectively build the testing process, to deal with non-reproducible bugs. He has strong skills in web ui automation, especially in monkey patching via JS. He also works on performance testing and back-end API test automation.

We will talk about testing as a craft and the value of an engaged community of testers and how you can tap into the magic of context-driven testing to become a world-class tester. This session will go into the meaning of the context-driven approach and principles and tries to convince you that context-driven testing is not only a valid approach but also smoothly integrates with agile development practices. Only through judgment and skill, exercised cooperatively throughout the entire project, are we able to do the right things at the right times to effectively test our products.

But where is the edge between core and super-duper food processor, that will finally limit the reusability? So let’s find out this on example курсы тестировщиков киев of building minimum usable framework for browser automation. What metrics are used to measure the quality in risk based testing.

I want to tell you a story about how we built and continue to build testing of geo services. In fact, the talk will be not so much about geography, but about how to make testing complicated simple.

However unecrypted email is still the most common way of transferring information and files over the Internet. This talk will give you an overview of key technologies & their implementations in various messengers. Last but not least I will show you how email can be made more secure in the future, based on existing standards that may become mandatory in all of EU within a few years.

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